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Cornelius’ plant shop has been struggling ever since the neighborhood became a gentrified millennial haven of hipster coffee shops and whimsical book stores. The delicate daisies and classic cacti just aren’t cutting it, and sales are dangerously low.

But all that is about to change. As Cornelius cleans out the old store room, he finds a mysterious book with an occult symbol on it. Upon opening it, Cornelius discovers recipes for breeding mutated pants! Things are a bit tricky at first, but Cornelius is undaunted. This is just the miraculous breakthrough that Cornelius needs to reinvigorate his plant shop and earn enough money to keep the lights on!


Rootstock was made during a game jam sponsored by the Madison, Wisconsin, game development group FemDev. FemDev is a group promoting gender diversity for women, non-binary, femme, and girl-identifying people in the games industry. The group aims to strengthen the community of Madison game developers through events and networking opportunities.


Bre Addie  @GigaBuri

Samantha Babcock  @spritelyfay

Arely Miramontes @ArelySkywalker

Allison Salmon  @Codecrafty

Kat Shanahan  @Kat_Shanahan

Katherine Stull  @HH_Katherine

A special thanks to Powderkeg Web Design for hosting the event.

Music and Sound Effects by:











Rootstock-Windows-9-3-2018.zip 22 MB
Rootstock-Mac-9-3-2018.app.zip 27 MB


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I was expecting to be fighting off Triffids but was totally suprised to play this super game. Loved the art style and the game mechanics and the music had me bopping my head. Great game, thanks for letting us play it. I made a video of it I hope you don't mind!


Thanks for playing and for making a video!!! We are so glad you had fun playing.